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About Me:

I’m a single Mom to a wonderful late teen son. I’m in the process of reinventing myself right now, want to share my story of surviving my husband Rob’s suicide in hopes it will help others who have experienced this in some way. I’m coming out of a very long time of being stuck, not knowing which direction to go after all this happened, and want to be able to take my experiences and help others who have similar traumas who have also become stuck or not able to move forward, get past that hurdle. Am in the process of creating a course that will help you uncover your story, being able to let it go and move on to the happy, joyful life you were meant to live.

I will combine my love of several areas of interest such as self esteem, self acceptance/love, self development/personal growth, affirmations, meditation, and combine them all to create my course to help others. I’ve learned many tips/tools over the past years on my own journey of discovery, exploration, education and applying what resonated with me to arrive at a place that I am now happy with.

I truly feel it is my life purpose to take what I’ve learned from the life altering trauma of losing someone to suicide and to lessen the stigma that comes from it and have open and comfortable dialogue about it. I believe only then can we begin to accept, heal and move forward. I am not a trained professional, just have my life experiences and lessons learned, but I can and will speak from my heart to what I know. What I do know is that we can get through this and come out the other side if we choose to, know how and have a safe, soft place to fall.

Hope to meet some wonderful people along this journey!

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